jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

Report #8

I make a research about How to replicate data from a server to another server, and I found some things interesting like Couchdb.

Couchdb is plugged into the web, all you could use HTTP for creating and making queries (GET/PUT/POST/DELETE...), and it's RESTful, plus the fact that it's portable and great for peer to peer sharing and provides a different model for data storage than a traditional relational database in that it does not represent data as rows within tables, instead it stores data as "documents" in JSON format.

We can handling using python like in this tutorial that explain How to make a replication I found here:

The objective that I have to this week and the next is try to make a Demo or something.

To start I'll type in the wiki how to install the enviroment.

My nomination for this week is:

  Mr. X

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